Jefaira North cost

Jivira Resort on the North Coast


Structural design of intake well

Designing a water well is a critical process for any tourist facility that requires large amounts of water. Among these facilities are hotels and tourist resorts, which are the most water-consuming places. Therefore, the design of a water well must be carefully done and includes many factors that must be considered..

Regarding the design of the water well in the Jivira Resort on the North Coast, great emphasis is placed on maintaining the quality of the water and ensuring the sustainability of the wells in the long term..

Firstly, the location of the well is carefully determined, and this must be based on geological and hydrological studies. Since the Jivira resort is located on the North Coast, the well is excavated in the sedimentary rock layers that contain natural groundwater..

Secondly, the well is designed in a way that allows water to be extracted efficiently while preserving its natural quality. This is done through the use of modern techniques to determine the size of the well and the type of machines and equipment used in the drilling and extraction process. Thirdly, necessary measures must be taken to maintain water quality and ensure no contamination. These measures include preventive actions such as covering the well, using appropriate materials to purify the water, and ensuring there are no pollutants or harmful substances. Finally, regular monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure the well's sustainability and to ensure that it continues to provide high-quality water for the resort's guests

Stages of the well drilling process